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Payment Options

  1. Pay by credit, debit card

    Payment for each order can be made using credit or debit cards, bearing the trademark of Mastercard, Visa, Maestro, of any bank. If the credit/debit card issuer refuses to approve payment toward us, the order will not be accepted, and therefore, we will not be liable for any delay or non-delivery.

  2. Pay by bank transfer

    A bank transaction allows you to deposit the amount of purchase on the National Bank account with IBAN: GR 47 0110 0400 0000 0400 1908 617, which shows the COMMITTEE GREECE TWO THOUSAND TWENTY-ONE as the holder, and fill in your name and the number of your order as the reason.

    After you have completed the deposit, you are kindly requested to send a copy to the electronic address shop@greece2021.gr.

  3. Pay by PayPal

    When choosing PayPal as the payment option you will be transferred to the PayPal page to complete your order through their page.