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Frequently asked questions

How do I choose a product?

You can choose one or more of the available products and the quantity you want on our online store. By selecting Add to cart under each product, it automatically enters your shopping cart.

What is a shopping cart?

It is precisely what a shopping cart is in the actual stores. With the Add to Cart button, you place the product you are interested in inside, in the quantity you wish to purchase; meanwhile, you can remove it with the Delete button. Just because you've placed a product in the cart doesn't mean you have completed buying it. To complete the purchase, you must fill in the information for shipping and payment. Before completing a payment, you will be able to see what you have added to the cart and the cost of these items, either per unit or in total.

When is my order completed?

After you have completed the process of filling in the recipient's information and the details in the payment options, you can click Send Order. You will receive a message informing you that the order has been completed. This message includes the order code/number, which we recommend that you save in a safe place until your order is received.

How do I cancel an order?

The buyer has the right to withdraw from the sale within fourteen (14) calendar days, starting on the day after the delivery of the purchased Coins. In order to legally exercise the right of withdrawal, the buyer must send an email to shop@greece2021.gr in the above stated period, declaring that he is exercising the right to withdraw without having to state any reason. The buyer may (it is not mandatory) use the prepared withdrawal form for this purpose. The buyer is obliged to return the Coins to the COMMITTEE, in the original perfect condition they were received and in the original case, also in perfect condition, at the address 2 Mesogeion Avenue, Athens 115 27, care of Mrs. Georgia Grivakis, without unnecessary delay and in any case within a period of fourteen (14) calendar days starting on the day after the date of exercising the right to withdraw from the sale. The buyer is solely responsible for all the return costs. These costs amount to 8€ for refunds in Attica and 13€ for the other regions within Greece.

For the proper return of the coins, a certificate of receipt will be drawn on the date of their return, and a representative of the Committee will sign it.
The COMMITTEE will reimburse the buyer who withdrew with the corresponding amount and in the method mentioned above within ten (10) days of the Coins' receipt by the COMMITTEE, in the same manner (payment option) as the payment in the initial transaction.

Can I return a defective product?

The products available for sale by the "Greece 2021" Committee have been produced under the strictest quality controls; if, however, a defective product reaches you, you can contact the company via email at shop@greece2021.gr or by phone at +30 2160004001 between the hours 09:00-17:00, to arrange for its return.

What are the payment options?

The payment options for completing your order are:

  1. Pay by credit, debit card
    Mastercard, Visa και Μaestro.
  2. Pay by bank transfer
    A bank transaction allows you to deposit the amount of purchase on the National Bank account with IBAN: GR 47 0110 0400 0000 0400 1908 617, which shows the COMMITTEE GREECE TWO THOUSAND TWENTY-ONE as the holder, and fill in your name and the number of your order as the reason.
    After you have completed the deposit, you are kindly requested to send a copy to the electronic address shop@greece2021.gr.
  3. Pay by PayPal

When do I receive the items?

Our policy, in the “Greece 2021” Committee’s e-shop, is to deliver the orders as soon as possible. Subject to the occurrence of unique circumstances that deter or make it impossible to deliver on time, delivery of the Coins in Greece will take place within five (5) business days within Attica and ten (10) business days for areas other than Attica. Delivery to EU countries will take place within five (5) business days and non-EU countries within ten (10) business days. The above times apply from the date of the sales contract (i.e., from the ordering and the payment of the full amount by the buyer.)

What is the shipping cost?

For delivery within the Greek Territory, orders will not be subject to delivery costs. Delivery outside Greece is made via a courier service. The exact delivery cost depends on the country of destination and it will show up in the shopping cart before you complete your order.
For delivery within the Greek Territory, orders will not be subject to delivery costs. Delivery outside Greece is made via a courier service. The exact delivery cost depends on the country of destination and it will show up in the shopping cart before you complete your order. Orders exceeding 2000€ will not be charged with delivery costs.

Does a maximum quantity apply to my purchases?

The only limit that exists concerns the availability of products; if the quantity you wish is available, you can order it.

Can I buy the gold coins only?

No, due to the extremely limited number, gold coins are only available as part of the entire collection of 14 coins, for special categories of buyers, e.g. large collectors.

Can I change the shipping information?

If your order has not been delivered to a courier service for delivery, then you can change the shipping details either by phone at +30 2160004001 or by email at shop@greece2021.gr. To secure this communication, please have your order number available.

Can I receive the coins abroad?

Yes, it is feasible to deliver the coins of our programme abroad. Please, keep in mind that there may be customs duties, taxes, and import surcharges if you are ordering our products from non-EU countries. These additional charges usually occur upon arrival of the products at the destination country, and the buyer will be asked to pay them before the products are released. The Committee is in no position to calculate or estimate the above charges since each country manages customs policy differently. For more information, the buyer should contact local customs offices before completing the order.

Where can I buy the coins of the Numismatic Programme?

The authentic, collector coins of the "Greece 2021" Committee's Numismatic Programme issued on the occasion of 200 years after the Greek Revolution (Rebirth), are sold at the "Greece 2021" Committee's e-shop, in a very limited selection of stores and in several points of sale of the "SKLAVENITIS" company.

Any similar sale or promise to sell coins by other parties, presently or in the future, at prices different from those indicated in the "Greece 2021" Committee's e-shop is misleading and poses a potential risk to buyers.